Case Studies


Somerset County Cricket


With a small out of season window to work in, we commenced work at the county ground at the end of the 2015 season. Having scoped the work and undertaken the prelims prior to the gates closing we were on site and ready to go from the off. The irrigation works were scheduled alongside the works to install approximately 3 miles of drainage pipework, allowing us to lay irrigation pipework simultaneously with the drainage pipework around the perimeter of the ground. The inner field pipework was installed via moleplough with careful coordination with the newly installed drainage network, this coordination allowed us to proceed ahead of schedule- a luxury when so dependent on the vagaries of the British weather.

Aware of the playing surface and player safety, our design called for the installation of Valve in Head sprinklers for the outfield and boundary and more discreet Pop-Up In Field Sprinklers nearer the wicket and areas of heavy wear. Additional manual watering points were positioned adjacent to the square to allow more targeted irrigation.

Head groundsman Simon Lee was provided with a purpose-built plantroom under the main stand but also access to a mobile Rain Bird MI System controlled via his mobile phone.

On the successful completion and commissioning of the system, the turf was reinstated, ground reseeded and of course the water turned on- the result a perfect wicket and outfield – all set for the coming 2016 season.

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Cricket Pitch Management
Somerset County Cricket Sprinkler System
Cricket Sprinkler System


Eden Project


Such an iconic and individual site required a high tech and advanced irrigation system. Each part of the system can be individually controlled to very precise measurements enabling such a complex environment to be carefully monitored.

The three world areas – tropics, warm temperature and outside spaces – are each accounted for and the highly advanced system results in minimal waste.

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eden landscape
eden view


Athletes Village

London 2012 Olympics

OCMIS installed the irrigation system for the Athletes Village public realm during the construction of the village. It was a complex series of contracts working with a number of separate contractors to install one unified irrigation system.

The irrigation system was spread through the whole site, and OCMIS worked with seven construction and landscape contractors to deliver eleven separate contracts across the public realm. The infrastructure for the system crossed over all the work areas, with mainline pipe and cable being laid along the streets and terminated in the soft landscape areas. This phase of the installation was part of a site wide Earthworks package, installed as the levels were finalised and before each area was handed over to the finishing contractor. OCMIS then connected to the mainline as part of the follow-on contracts and continued the system into the finished landscape as part of the soft landscape works.

Water for the irrigation system was harvested from site run off and treated through the ponds, reed beds and an aeration system in the wetlands. Once treated, the water is used for irrigation, toilet flushing and to circulate through the feature ponds in the village landscape. As well as the irrigation, OCMIS also installed the Wetlands aeration system, the pond re-circulation system and the grey water supply to Chobham Academy as part of the works.

The shrubs and trees are irrigated using pressure compensated drip to ensure uniform application rates and avoid water loss. Lawn areas are irrigated with 310 sprinklers and spray heads, there is 20,000 metres of drip pipe and the whole system is controlled through 141 solenoid valves across the site.

The site wide system is supplied through pumps and filters in the wetlands plant room and a central irrigation control system. The irrigation in each of the landscaped areas is connected to the controls through a wire path laid with the mainline pipe. The distribution of water around the village is controlled by the maintenance team from the plant room, where they can adjust application rates to suit the different areas.

The technical challenges together with the logistics and tight programme meant this was a demanding project. Good site communication and experienced OCMIS installation staff ensured the system was installed on time and on budget.

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Atheletes Village Water Management
Athletes Village Pond
Athletes Village Irrigation System


North Park

London 2012 Olympics

OCMIS installed the irrigation systems to the Olympic North Park and Eton Manor as part of the major construction works in the run up to the games. The project was so large and complex that several landscape contractors were working on the site simultaneously to ensure the deadline was met.OCMIS were given the responsibility of installing the irrigation system across all three of the North Park work zones, working with different contractors in each area and ensuring the soft landscape had water available as soon as it was planted.

The North Park is divided by the River Lea running north to south; the A12 running east to west separates the Eton Manor site from the main park. The site wide non-potable water main is operated by Thames Water and supplies high quality treated water from the nearby sewage treatment plant. This system supplies water for irrigation, toilet flushing and other non-potable applications in the surrounding buildings.

OCMIS fitted separate automatic pump stations to each of the three areas to provide enough flow and pressure for the irrigation system. The pumps automatically regulate the flow into the irrigation main depending on demand.

29,000 metres of underground pipe work was installed as the construction works progressed. The pipe work was laid as the complex landforms were constructed, with the control cables installed alongside the pipe. The works were carefully sequenced with the installation of other services, construction haul roads, bridge, road, path installations and many other factors, all to a critical programme.

The irrigation controllers allow the maintenance teams to easily adjust the amounts and frequency of irrigation. The systems were programmed with run time data based on the application rates for each area; adjustment of this ensures quick and accurate scheduling to minimise water use. The shrubs, trees, lawns and meadows all have different water requirements depending on the aspect and location.

OCMIS installed the systems with our own directly employed installation teams to ensure quality and continuity throughout the park. With 1100 sprinklers, 52,000 metres of drip pipe and 1200 trees to irrigate, benchmarking, good working practices, communication and work scheduling were key to delivering the schemes on time.

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North Park Irrigation
North Park Field
North Park Road


Woodhall Spa Hotchkin Course


The National Golf Centre at Woodhall Spa is described as the home of English Golf, and has two magnificent golf courses. The original is the Hotchkin Course, a stunning heathland course that is consistently rated in the world’s 100 best golf courses and built over 100 years ago. It is the home of English Golf and is known and admired by many green keepers and golf professionals as well as the golfing public.

The irrigation system was old and unreliable. Leaks in the PVC pipe work, malfunction of the sprinklers and controls all contributed to excessive water use. In 2011 the irrigation consultants Irritech prepared a design and tendered for the installation of a new system. OCMIS won the competitive tender and the Club selected Toro as their preferred specialist irrigation equipment supplier.

The new system was designed to irrigate the greens, tees, approaches, fairways and surrounds. A new automatic pump station to supply 60m³ per hour was located near the maintenance building with a 445m³ storage tank. A water transfer system was installed with a water control panel to enable maximum use of the non-potable and potable water supplies. A new connection was made to the water main and OCMIS trained installers chlorinated and tested the new pipe work to Anglian Water approval.

The system includes 28 kilometres of pipe and 866 sprinklers.  The  Toro Lynx GDC control system was installed in the maintenance building and enables accurate control of irrigation to the various areas. The remote radio control enables sprinklers to be operated from anywhere on the course and the internet connection to the Lynx controller allows Toro NSN to provide remote service support and back up for the system.

The new sprinklers were positioned by Irritech and the accurate spacing, even pressure and correct nozzle sizes ensure even coverage. This coupled with the improved controls have meant the water use on the course has reduced while the quality of the course has improved. The Lynx controller is able to record the water use of the system, and together with the new weather station the system is a very useful management tool.

Richard Latham, General Manager at Woodhall Spa said that “maintaining the heathland characteristics of the Hotckin Course is a top priority and the accuracy of applying the water has helped enormously with this aim. The other significant benefit has been the water efficiency, we have saved on average 50% on the tees and greens programme with the added benefit of improvement in the playing surfaces.”

OCMIS worked closely with Toro/ Lely to install, commission and provide training for the system. OCMIS decommission the system each winter and re-commission it in the spring through our service department and regional service engineers.

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Woodhall Spa Irrigation
Woodhall Spa Course


Royal Dornoch Golf Club

Adrian Mortram of Robin Hume Associates

The irrigation system at Royal Dornoch Golf Club was leaking, unreliable and did not provide the coverage or level of control that is required by golf clubs that need to provide excellent playing surfaces year round. In 2006 the club decided to upgrade the irrigation system in a phased programme and discussed the proposed works with Toro, with whom they have a Toro Red Iron agreement. Adrian Mortram of Robin Hume Associates worked with the club and Toro to design a scheme and administer the competitive tender process for installation of the system.

The Club wanted to target expenditure at the critical areas, and it was decided that if the pumps and control system were upgraded together with the system on the Championship 18 hole course in a first phase of work, this would make the system reliable and give immediate benefits. Three holes of the Struie Course integrate with the main course around the pump station location and therefore the final body of work included the fairways, greens and tees on 21 holes, a new pump station, pump house and a new control system.

OCMIS won the tender for the project after discussing installation techniques and the experience OCMIS have installing large irrigation systems to prestigious courses. OCMIS also offer regionally based service support throughout the UK and have a service base in Edinburgh to support Royal Dornoch. OCMIS have extremely experienced and conscientious installation staff and a wide range of specialist machines and equipment that provide the client with reassurance the project will be completed on programme and to a very high standard.

Whilst the ground on most of the site is sand, there are areas of pebbles and stones that are very hard. OCMIS were able to moleplough all the pipe work on the project with their specialist high frequency moleploughs; the reinstatement over the whole project was undertaken to a very high standard.

Toro supplied all the specialist equipment through their UK Distributor, Lely UK. The equipment included the GDC control system and cable as well as the sprinklers and automatic valves. This Toro GDC was to be the first installed and commissioned in Europe, and it worked first time. OCMIS’ attention to detail and cable jointing techniques contribute to the security and reliability of the whole control system. The extremely sensitive electronics in the new generation of irrigation control systems provide advanced diagnostics that are able to detect faults throughout the electrical system. OCMIS solder all the cable joints before fitting the manufacturer’s water proof connectors. Soldering exceeds the specification required by Toro but provides the long term reliability that is the hall mark of an OCMIS system.

John Duncan, Secretary Manager at Royal Dornoch congratulated OCMIS “their courteous staff, who clearly took great professional pride in doing a first class job”. He said, “The system is working well and has proved its worth with no glitches. Recovery of the turf was very quick due to the quality of the installation work and the method of installation”.

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Royal Dornoch Sprinkler System
Golf Course Watering
Royal Dornoch Golf Club Amiad


Ballyliffin Golf Club

Adrian Mortram of Robin Hume Associates

“Hebrides, Malin Head, Rockall; force 7 and driving rain”
This seemed to be the forecast every day for the 4 months that it took OCMIS to install the system at Ballyliffin Golf Club. Six miles south of Malin Head on the northern coast of Southern Ireland these two courses offer real links golf in a spectacular setting. The winter rain and wind was however a daily challenge to the huge task of installing the irrigation system to these wonderful golf courses. The replacement irrigation system was designed by Adrian Mortram of Robin Hume Associates for the Old Course and Glashedy links and included full fairway watering to both courses as well as the three practice holes. The club elected to use Toro equipment, including the new Toro GDC controller. OCMIS’ experience of installing this new control system was a great reassurance for the club in what was a huge investment, the largest since the new club house was built.

The water is abstracted from boreholes and stored in a new 540,000 litre steel storage tank adjacent to the new greens maintenance complex. This complex is cleverly screened by sand dunes so that it cannot be seen from the course, and the new 4.5m tall tank was constructed within a very tight area between the buildings and the surrounding sand embankment. The club refurbished an existing building to detailed drawings prepared by OCMIS, and this was used to house the new pump station. The pumps deliver 95m³/hr from three 11kw pumps operated through individual variable speed drive units. The speed of the pumps, and the power used, varies with the water demand of the system. This is a major power saving feature and also reduces wear and tear on the pipe work, valves and sprinklers. The pump station was constructed in the OCMIS workshops using Lowara pumps and an automatic self flushing system with OCMIS controls.

The statistics of the new system are impressive. 50,000 metres of pipe, 2000 sprinklers, 60,000 metres of cable and all installed and operating in 16 weeks! OCMIS’ motivation and attention to detail is crucial when installing a system of this complexity to a tight programme. There isn’t time to go back and sort out errors and everything has to be right first time.

The undulating fairways, particularly on the Old Course, made the sprinkler positioning and pipe installation more difficult. In some places the level changes 3metres in 10metres, and OCMIS used specialist moleploughs from their fleet of machinery that had suitable flexibility on the rear linkage to maintain the specified pipe depths. The Toro sprinklers and control system enable the angle of the jets and the run sequences to be adjusted to accommodate the severe slopes. The system was completed at the end of March, and immediately received its first real test. A two month drought preceded the Irish Seniors Open at the course in June 2008. The new irrigation system played a crucial part in ensuring excellent playing conditions for the tournament.

OCMIS continue to provide service support and maintenance for the system. To prepare the system for the winter, OCMIS drain the water and use compressed air to blow the water out of the control valves and sprinklers around the course. In the spring the system is re-commissioned by gradually filling and purging the air from the pipe work, checking the operation of the sprinklers around the course using the hand held remote control system, and ensuring the computer and pumps are all operating correctly.

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Ballyliffin Golf Course
Ballyliffin Golf Club Sprinkler System
Ballyliffin Golf Club Sprinkler System


Ocmis LRI System

The Ocmis Low Rate Irrigation System (LRI)

The Original Dirty Water System

A pumping station capable of transferring waste water with the utmost efficiency and designed to customers requirements.

High / Low Pressure Monitor
In the event of a burst or large leakage, this provides essential anti-pollution confidence. Protects system from blockages and shuts down the pumpset when irrigation completes. Easily adjusted High / Low pressure settings to enable ease of operation.

Dry Run Protection
Provides protection against pump running dry.

Frost Control
Shuts system down as temperature reaches freezing point.

Low Operating Costs
Uses off-peak electricity.

High Level Warning
Warns of potential tank overflow.

Insulated Pump House
Double walled, fully insulated, tannalised wooden pump house with fibreglass lid.

Controls & Indications
All controls and indications readily available.

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Ocmis LRI
Ocmis LRI System
Ocmis LRI Fuse Box


Jubilee Park


When standing on the platform of one of London’s busiest tube stations, many people are unaware of what is happening above their heads, beyond the concrete amidst the hustle and bustle of the modern day city.

OCMIS designed and installed an automatic irrigation system, with inclusive PH level monitoring and fertiliser input amongst a number of other features. to the inner city park area being developed above the Jubilee line station in Canary Wharf. The enormous variety of plants are all irrigated using a variety of spray, mist and drip watering techniques, all centrally controlled by a PC based system located within the Canary Wharf Management building.

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Jubilee park london 2012 olympics landscape
Jubilee park landscape
Jubilee Park Water System