Aberdeen Evening Express – August 2018

Residents have given an all-round thumbs-up to the latest attraction added to the city centre.

Members of the public and community leaders praised the water fountain between Marischal College and Marischal Square. The fountain is part of a project to revitalise Broad Street, to which a grassy verge and a short set of stairs have also been added.

Resident Karen Stewart, who lives in the area, took the time to enjoy the new landmark while sitting on the steps with her family. She said: “It’s really nice. It’s the second time I’ve come to have a look. I plan on coming back with my sister at night to see it all lit up. I do think it could have been a bit bigger, but it’s still interesting to look at.”

Tourist Jordi Hendicks, who was on holiday in Aberdeen from the Netherlands, said he had seen similar water features in his home country. He said: “It’s really nice to see the children enjoying themselves, playing in the water. It’s really nice to look at.”

For Ann Rowe, who was seeing the fountain for the first time, the new feature was a welcome addition to the development. She said: “The area is lovely, it’s really clean as well.”

Councillor Dell Henrickson, who represents the George Street and Harbour ward was also pleased with the city’s newest feature. He said “I really like it. It’s a really nice addition to Marischal College and Square. I’ve seen it done in other cities, and hopefully people will enjoy it here.”

Councillor Michael Hutchison added: “I’m pleased to see that this is now open and is proving popular. Hopefully we can get the rest of Broad Street open soon as well.”

Councillor Sandra Macdonald, who also represents the area, said: “I love it. You can have your lunch and look out onto it, and kids love it. It’s quirky. I think it’s a good addition to the space, I really like it and I hope others do too. The whole area is beginning to come together. It’s like a public square now. I’m delighted.”

Peter Dawson, director of fountain designer OCMIS, said the city of Aberdeen was one close to the company’s heart after previous projects in the region. He said: “The fountain in Aberdeen is really good because it’s intensive and exciting. We were discussing the idea back in 2014 so it’s been a long time in inception. It has 61 jets and each nozzle can be programmed to perform a different height or sequence so the options are limitless. Sometimes with fountains the public can get a bit bored when the sequence is the same, it can become part of the background, but this way the council can keep it interesting.”

Broad Street, Aberdeen Water Feature lights